Imported Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Yes, the motorcycle gloves we sell are imported from China and made with deer hides from the USA. We’d rather not sell Chinese products but we looked at motorcycle gloves made here in the USA (there are very few companies making them) and they were so expensive that we decided we would have a very hard time selling them (and end up with a lot of expensive inventory just sitting on the shelves). It’s a different market than work gloves where people appreciate quality and durability… they give gloves the most severe tests!

We found some really good quality imports and decided to go with them. Our customers love them and we can sell them for a reasonable price. In fact, if you look at the gloves at your local HD dealer, you’ll see that they’re also made in China but made out of cowhide (cheapest leather that turns to cardboard when they get wet) instead of deerskin. Not only that, they sell them for twice what we sell our deerskin gloves for but they have the “HD” logo…

There are times too when we get someone complaining about the cutting/sewing quality. We realize these gloves aren’t the same quality as you’d get if you paid $100 a pair but you’re paying less than $30 for a nice pair of deerskin gloves. Most folks who’ve been riding for a while and have bought a few pair of gloves realize the value they’re getting with our gloves.

We do have to process the import deerskin gloves more. We do a lot more inspections and we reject a lot of gloves that never make it out of our warehouse. That’s on top of the ones that never make it by our supplier who does the first inspection and rejects quite a few there too (we’re a lot more “Picky”).

The end result is that we only ship the best of what China can offer and it’s not too bad… not great by USA standards but pretty good for the price.

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