What does the American Heritage brand mean?

Bear Wallow Glove Company began with our designing the Protector Rose Gloves and having them made here in the USA. We went through several prototypes and did a lot of research on materials. After we finalized the design, we had to buy the dies and then have them cut and sewn by a company here in the USA. After they’re cut and sewn, we do all the finish work… adding the snaps, straps and rivets and marking them.

While the Protectors sold well even from the beginning, we needed to expand our product offering to get more volume in order to turn a profit so we brought in other types of gloves. We’d had quite a bit of experience with Atlas gloves and knew they were really great quality so that was an easy choice. We looked around for motorcycle gloves but the only ones we found that were made in the USA were very expensive and cost more than most of our customers would pay. We decided to go with a line of really good quality imports and our customers loved them.

At that point we began to realize we needed to differentiate the Protectors from the import gloves so we came up with the American Heritage brand to do just that. Since then we’ve added other gloves made in the USA (Ranch Hands, Perfect Gardeners, Golden Buckskin, etc.) and they’re all sold under the American Heritage brand. If it says it’s American Heritage, it’s made right here in the USA… Period! The quality of the American Heritage gloves is obvious the moment you pick them up… there’s nothing cheap about them and they’re guaranteed to give you great service! When we were doing shows, we would get people coming by who would say they could get the same gloves for a lot less money at the big warehouse clubs but they’re obviously folks who don’t recognize nor appreciate quality. Other customers would stop by and tell us a pair of our Ranch Hands would outlast three sets (3 pair per set) of gloves from the same warehouse club. Good gloves are a tool and like any investment, you get what you pay for. You’ll pay a little more for American Heritage gloves but you’re saving a whole lot in the long run.

We choose the leather for the gloves and that’s always difficult. We don’t ever want to skimp on quality so sometimes we have problems getting leather when we need it. The folks we work with have been great and even though there are times when we just can’t get enough quality leather to keep our inventory up, we just try to be patient and know it will be worth it in the long run. American Heritage stands for quality made in the USA and we won’t compromise!

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