Quality is that nebulous goal we all strive for and are never sure we’re ever going to reach…

When you’re making leather gloves, quality and consistency are paramount. We have more issues trying to maintain consistency with our split cowhides than we do with the goatskins. The leather must be supple enough to bend and yet stiff enough to maintain it’s shape. We’re pleased with the leather we’re using now. It’s strong… stronger than hides we’ve had in the past although it does have a little more oil in it than previous ones. The oil will help the cowhide stay supple and resist water so, overall, it’s definitely an improvement. We were also having issues with our fasteners and the tooling but went to better quality fasteners and it has really helped production. We’re having a lot fewer problems which increases production and reduces frazzled nerves (c:

The bottom line is that the quality is better; the production time has been reduced and prices have stayed the same!

One thought on “Quality”

  1. I wanted to write and tell you how satisfied I am with the women’s chilly grip gloves. I have been searching forever for gloves to fit my long fingers but weren’t too big for my hands.
    These fit perfectly. The maroon color is pretty too. The material is really soft.
    The price is perfect too.
    Thank you so much.

    Lisa Stovall
    Rochester MN

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