How Bear Wallow Gloves began…

My wife and I started selling gloves to see if we could make it worthwhile as a retirement business. It’s actually been a lot more fun and certainly more challenging than we had originally anticipated. Everything takes longer and is much more complicated than you originally assume but we’ve certainly learned a lot!

We’ve gone to quite a few home and garden shows and are always trying new venues to get a chance to talk to customers face to face while showing our products. It’s very rewarding to see people appreciate real quality gloves that they’ve never seen before. Their mouths drop open the first time they see the Protector Rose Gloves and almost always the comment is “awesome gloves”!

Our cost to manufacture gloves in the US is so high we can’t afford to sell them through distribution… (local garden centers or hardware stores) by the time all the middlemen add on their profit margins, our gloves would be so pricey, no one would be able to afford them. That’s why we decided on the business model we have… sell direct to the consumer and we’re able to compete with the Chinese imports while giving our customers gloves that are much higher quality than anything they’ll ever find anywhere else. It becomes a win-win situation. We can make a little profit and the customer gets a wonderful pair of gloves. The icing on the cake is we’re supporting manufacturing in the USA! In fact, our rose pruning gloves, the Protectors, are the only rose pruning gloves made in the United States! Virtually every glove you see in your local garden center and hardware store is made overseas… mostly in China.

While we do sell some imports to round out our line (mostly because some of the types of gloves are no longer manufactured anywhere in the US) we really like to feature gloves made here in the USA either by us or other US manufacturers. Hopefully we can continue to do this and help keep a beleaguered industry alive.

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