How the Protector Rose Gloves came to be…

One day my wife was complaining about the constant scratches and scars she was getting from working with her roses. Being a lover of gloves, I started looking around to see if I could find a pair that would give her arms the protection they needed. I was surprised to find so few choices and none of them were what I would call outstanding so we started looking into creating our own rose gloves. After almost two years of research and testing various materials, we came up with our Protector Rose Gloves and I’m happy to say, they’ve been very popular. We’re still using the original design although we’ve added a velcro strap at the request of bee keepers and it’s been a popular addition with everyone else too. We recently saw a pair at a home and garden show that were purchased the prior year and used everyday since then. They looked like they’d been used but weren’t showing any signs of wear and tear. Not bad when most imports wouldn’t last a couple of months (if that long) under that kind of use. We sell more and more every month so I guess our original idea was a good one (c:

8 thoughts on “How the Protector Rose Gloves came to be…”

  1. I need quality rose pruning gloves made in the Unite States of America on the North American continent. I can’t stand the cheap, expensive, thin quality of rose pruning gloves from China that I bought at Sierra Nursery in Roseville California for $44. The were ripped on the index finger seam when I got them home. I will do anything to support American jobs and I pay plenty to buy AMERICAN, but, my Americans and our jobs are worth the price and the addition sacrifice. Thank you, Elizabeth, California

  2. I love my new gloves! Especially wonderful for blackberry picking-I can actually move the vines without any pain! Thanks for creating such a fabulous product!

  3. I bought these gloves and used them to prune my very thorny ‘Distant Drums’ roses. I finished the job without a scratch (except on my legs, because I was stupid enough to wear shorts). Maybe you should make rose-pruning chaps! I highly recommend these gloves.

    1. Glad you like the Protectors! We’ve had several folks mention needing protection for their legs… not sure how many prune their roses in shorts (c:

  4. I received my protector gloves – and today I tackled my overgrown roses. The thorns were enormous and the thicket dense. After 2 hours of cutting and tugging and pulling – the roses are tamed and I am exhausted yet completely scratch free! The gloves completely protected my hands and arms – not a scratch. Thank you.

    1. We’re happy that you’re pleased with our gloves! We hope they give you years of service.
      Thanks so much for the feedback… we love hearing from our customers.
      Wes and Cher

  5. “VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER”……….If you are an avid rose gardener you will be very pleased with the quality of rose protector gloves sold by this company. I had previously bought two pairs of protector gloves from other companies because they were cheaper in price. You know that old saying, “You get what you paid for”? I sure wish I had ordered gloves from Bear Wallow first as I would have saved time and money in the long run. The gloves previously ordered did not hold up to the standard set by this company. Will you really save money if you buy a “cheaper” pair of gloves if they don’t last or allow pricks to your skin while pruning?

  6. allo i have received my motorcycle gloves and wow what a personilized service!!! the gloves are made from best quality.very good fit.i’m very satisfied.and i want said you thank very much. one happy customer…..jocelyn

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