Imported Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Yes, the motorcycle gloves we sell are imported from China and made with deer hides from the USA. We’d rather not sell Chinese products but we looked at motorcycle gloves made here in the USA (there are very few companies making them) and they were so expensive that we decided we would have a very hard time selling them (and end up with a lot of expensive inventory just sitting on the shelves). It’s .

What does the American Heritage brand mean?

Bear Wallow Glove Company began with our designing the Protector Rose Gloves and having them made here in the USA. We went through several prototypes and did a lot of research on materials. After we finalized the design, we had to buy the dies and then have them cut and sewn by a company here in the USA. After they’re cut and sewn, we do all the finish work… adding the snaps, straps and .