Our new Text Only 800 number.

Our new Text Only 800 number.

Our new Text Only 800 number.
When you’re a small business and trying to give your customers the best customer service you can, answering the phone is difficult. You wear all kinds of hats and are not in the office very much so you end up with a lot of voice mail messages. Trying to get back to folks who leave voice mails is really a problem due to time zone differences. We tried forwarding the number to my cell .

US Postal Service price increase…

The US Postal Service implemented a new price increase which averaged around 9% for the shipping methods we use but we’ve decided to hold the line and not increase our shipping charges to compensate. It’s going to be tight but we really want to stay as competitive as we can with the companies selling all import gloves. We’re really glad to be able to ship with the USPS as we’ve had great service over .

Imported Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Yes, the motorcycle gloves we sell are imported from China and made with deer hides from the USA. We’d rather not sell Chinese products but we looked at motorcycle gloves made here in the USA (there are very few companies making them) and they were so expensive that we decided we would have a very hard time selling them (and end up with a lot of expensive inventory just sitting on the shelves). It’s .

What does the American Heritage brand mean?

Bear Wallow Glove Company began with our designing the Protector Rose Gloves and having them made here in the USA. We went through several prototypes and did a lot of research on materials. After we finalized the design, we had to buy the dies and then have them cut and sewn by a company here in the USA. After they’re cut and sewn, we do all the finish work… adding the snaps, straps and .

Leather Shortage

We’ve been having problems since Christmas trying to keep inventory of the Protectors in stock due to the inability to get quality leather in a timely fashion. The global market for leather has exploded with China using more and more as their economy grows exponentially while the cattle herds have dwindled to pre 1950’s levels due to the drought. Leather has become more scarce and the prices are constantly increasing. We’ve been told by .


Quality is that nebulous goal we all strive for and are never sure we’re ever going to reach… When you’re making leather gloves, quality and consistency are paramount. We have more issues trying to maintain consistency with our split cowhides than we do with the goatskins. The leather must be supple enough to bend and yet stiff enough to maintain it’s shape. We’re pleased with the leather we’re using now. It’s strong… stronger than .

How Bear Wallow Gloves began…

My wife and I started selling gloves to see if we could make it worthwhile as a retirement business. It’s actually been a lot more fun and certainly more challenging than we had originally anticipated. Everything takes longer and is much more complicated than you originally assume but we’ve certainly learned a lot! We’ve gone to quite a few home and garden shows and are always trying new venues to get a chance to .

How the Protector Rose Gloves came to be…

One day my wife was complaining about the constant scratches and scars she was getting from working with her roses. Being a lover of gloves, I started looking around to see if I could find a pair that would give her arms the protection they needed. I was surprised to find so few choices and none of them were what I would call outstanding so we started looking into creating our own rose gloves. .